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Health & money… why we practice - Blog Image

Health & money… why we practice

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2017-05-26

As practitioners, we all share one deep desire—to help people get better.

I’m sure that’s at least partly why you’re here!

We all want to use our knowledge and skills to help clients finally get to the root cause of their illness, and to create a path for them to follow that will lead them out of pain and into a healthy, fulfilling life.

That’s why we practice.

We also practice to make a living. We have to.

And that’s why I created Reframe Nutrition (and all Functional Nutrition Alliance courses)—to help you have the success you need.

So I’m thrilled that you’re here with me, learning the tools that truly are the backbone of my success.

You probably also have your own personal reasons for practicing nutrition…

Maybe you’ve been through a health crisis yourself.

Maybe a friend or loved one was (or is) ill, and you’re motivated to find the answers so he or she no longer has to suffer.

Or maybe you recognize the troubled state of healthcare today, and you want to play a part in revolutionizing how we help people heal.

(For me it’s yes, yes and yes!)

Whatever your reason for taking on the work you do, I want to thank you.

As a leader in the world of nutrition and its role in the healthcare revolution, I know we need you. Your clients need you, and this movement of change needs you. So thank you.

But let me get back to that idea of making a living. Let’s get real for a minute here…

In order to have a successful practice, you need a steady stream of new clients.

You need referrals and rave reviews, right?

To have this steady stream of new clients, you need your current clients to get results. They need both physiological and emotional results—to feel better in body and spirit, to speak out about the powers of working with you.

And to get these results, your clients need to follow your suggestions.

You need compliance.

Gaining compliance is one of the biggest shifts practitioners notice once they start to implement the tools they’ve learned in Reframe Nutrition.

If you’ve already listened to the audios, you know compliance is born of partnership and trust between patient and practitioner, and you know my secrets to get you there.

If you haven’t yet tuned in to Reframe Nutrition, now’s the time—before your next enrollment conversation or client session!Click here to check it out. (And if you already own Reframe, head on over to your Class Portal and listen in!)

Compliance has become a dirty word for some people, but it’s truly a beautiful thing, because it ultimately leads to what the client wants…RELIEF!

And you get relief too, because you know that your nutrition practice, born out of a deep desire to help people, is also what makes you a great living.

It’s a win-win!

What’s more, you get to expand your reach and play an even bigger part in the healthcare revolution.

I know the tools in Reframe Nutrition are what catalyzed my success—both in the clinic and in my business.

I can’t wait to hear how you, your clients, and your community benefit from you taking the time to Reframe Nutrition.

Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Functional Nutrition Alliance provides the comprehensive online Functional Nutrition training in the Science & Art of the Functional Nutrition practice. Learn to address the roots of your clients’ suffering with client education, diet & lifestyle modifications.


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