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How will Holistic Nutrition Lab help me?

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2014-03-24

Now that the doors to Holistic Nutrition Lab: Full Body Systems are open, the questions are pouring in and the biggest of the bunch is. . .

“How will Holistic Nutrition Lab help ME?”

In my video series I talk about what functional nutrition is and why it matters in our practices. But it’s wise to wonder how this lens can make a difference for you and your work in the field of health, and I’m so glad you’re asking.

You may have just graduated from school or already have established your own practice. You may be planning on joining forces with some others and want confidence in what you bring to the table.

And if you love to learn (like I know you do), you may be finding that you need some more tools to help you, wondering:

“Do I need more business and marketing help?”

“Do I need to go back to graduate school to learn more nutrition?”

No matter what you choose, functional nutrition and understanding this lens that we explore in Holistic Nutrition Lab is really your next step in being able to help people in the way that matters to you. We do this by exploring the science of nutrition ~ the place where food meets physiology.

You can’t practice functionally without fully understanding physiology.

That really comes down to going inside the body and comprehending how all the pieces work together. And trust me, it’s more fun than you think!
Come watch the video How Will Holistic Nutrition Lab Help Me to find out more.

Often times, in our medical system, we are seen as disparate parts.

We’re a digestive system to the gastroenterologist. A nervous system to the neurologist or the psychologist. A pair of kidneys to the nephrologist.

But in fact, we are an entire web that works together. Each part of the physiology is interrelated to another expression. The way we make those connections is by understanding the science.

You may be thinking, “Okay, you’re telling me that applying this functional lens is my next step, and it’s going help me, but science is HARD.”
Come watch the How Will Holistic Nutrition Lab Help Me video to learn about my sketchy past with science.

But Holistic Nutrition Lab isn’t about learning science in a dry classroom.

Holistic Nutrition Lab is about learning science through stories and case studies and through the lens, that again, we love – food, nutrition and helping people.

Better yet, Holistic Nutrition Lab is about having a nutritionist in your back pocket to guide you and mentor you and teach you not just the science, but the art of your practice ~ how you meet your client where they are and determine the appropriate next steps for them.

The doors to Holistic Nutrition Lab: Full Body Systems are open and I’ve got a special TIME SENSITIVE OFFER for you. It ends tonight at midnight!

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Here’s what Holistic Nutrition Lab: Full Body Systems graduates are saying about learning this lens and applying it in their practices and what it’s done for them. . .
Finally someone that spoke my language, that wanted to talk about WHY things happened in the body. Someone that wanted to understand what was going on. This was the training that I thought I should have gotten in my initial health coach training.

~ Barbara McNeely

I have been searching for programs, educators and mentors that focus on the root cause, that see how beautifully complex our systems are and how to approach it with curiosity and confidence — HNL and the Andrea are it! I am so grateful to have enrolled in HNL. Best. Decision. Ever. The whole year was filled with discovery, depth, illumination, and play. I don’t think I’ve ever learned so much smart and applicable information in such a short amount of time. My confidence and ability to help my clients has skyrocketed and I can now more fully step into that role of practitioner and partner in their health journey.

~ Venessa Rodriguez

I now feel so much more confident and qualified to work with my clients, who often come to me with many chronic conditions… My first ah ha came in the very first module on digestion. I was able to use the Done-4-You handouts immediately with my very next client… and feel confident that I knew how to proceed in following the recommendations for their specific condition. These invaluable condition-specific handouts cover what the condition is, why it is a problem, along with the solutions including foods to eat and not eat, supplements and herbs and lifestyle.

~ Karen Rose Tank

Andrea has a unique ability to take the complicated and make it easy to understand and applicable to my daily practice. As a result, I am partnering confidently with medical practitioners, taking on more clients, and seeing real results.

~ Lisa Gatti

And don’t stop there. Head over to the Holistic Nutrition Lab Rave Reviews Map and read more graduate experiences and ovations. (Scroll around the map and down down down the page. Which graduate comment resonates for you and reflects your quest for what’s next?)

In the How Will Holistic Nutrition Lab Help Me video I tell the story about how one student, Brian Hedgpeth, started to partner with a physician in his area.

Come watch the video to learn what gave Brian the confidence to make that leap.

And don’t forget that it’s your turn to leap now.

The doors to Holistic Nutrition Lab: Full Body Systems are open and the special TIME SENSITIVE OFFER ends tonight at midnight!

Does some part of this sentiment written by a Holistic Nutrition Lab Alumni ring true for you?
I left nutrition school feeling like I’d learned just enough to be dangerous. I didn’t feel I had the tools to help people beyond basic dietary clean-up. It made me feel a bit hesitant about going out there and promoting my services. I knew real sickness from first-hand experience with my husband and I knew I couldn’t touch a case like his with a ten-foot pole. I knew I wanted to learn more, but I didn’t know how to do it. Then I found Holistic Nutrition Lab. That changed everything.

~ Caroline Stahlschmidt

If you know you want to learn more, I’m here for you. I’m committed to your next steps. I’m ready to see what Holistic Nutrition Lab can do for you.
Come explore how Holistic Nutrition Lab will help you and I’ll see you in the lab!



P.S. Don’t hesitate to let us know your questions.

Write us at support@fxnutrition.com. We’re here to help.

Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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