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On the Road Again

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2012-03-05

My plate has looked a bit different this past month. Perhaps the food itself has appeared as my usual travel fare, but the plates themselves have been an ever-changing rotation of dishes served from New York, New Jersey, Arizona and two different cities in California.

In fact I’m writing this from one of those cities right now!

While the plates have changed, like I said, the food remains fairly consistent. In fact, while some people throw all caution to the wind when they travel, I have to admit that I do the opposite. Particularly for travel related to business or my work, which is what I’ve been doing.

When I travel, I tighten the food reigns.

When I’m on the road I’m already away from routine.

I’ve already been lifted thousands of miles in the air and taken from the comfort (and grounding) of my home.

When I’m on the road I’m unable to prepare my meals and I’m essentially entrusting my health, beauty and general feeling of wellness to the care of others.

And all this right when I want to be sure of all of the following!:

1) my immune system is functioning top notch so I don’t get sick on the road or at home

2) my energy is good so I can keep up with a busy schedule

3) my brain is sharp so that I can learn, take in new information & have inspired conversations

4) my skin is clear and I feel my best while meeting new people & making new connections

That’s a pretty tall order!

And that’s precisely why I tighten the reigns.

But the big question many people want to know is not Why, but HOW!

OK, I’ll tell you two of my travel secrets. . .

1) I bring my own food, including some superfoods
examples?. . .

  • right now I’m sipping on a superfood elixir made from raw cacao, maca, some medicinal mushrooms and other herbs, whey protein and stevia ~ my version of a morning mocha

  • last night, when I landed in Long Beach, CA, I walked to a restaurant, ordered some roasted veggies on bed of greens that I brought back to my room and ate with a can of wild sardines that I had packed in my suitcase

2) I never ever ever eat sugar while traveling
confession. . .

  • Truth be told, I don’t eat sugar anyway. But I’m uber-careful about it when I travel, ordering food as simply as I can to make sure I’m skirting any places where it might be hiding

But here’s the best part. . .


And here’s why: I’ve got lots more secrets to share with you.

First. . . You may be familiar with the pain around feeling overweight, unhealthy, lethargic, not living your full purpose or potential, or sabotaging your success, on the road or not.

Many of us are!

That’s why I want to tell you about a completely free opportunity to reshape your thinking about your body and your health.

It’s called The New Beauty Revolution: Transforming Body Image and Health!

And yes, its an online program that you can take from your very own home, and it’s totally free.

You can join me and over 16 experts in the fields of health, wellness, self-growth and anti-aging as we discuss powerful questions (and answers!) about how the negative media images have sabotaged our own healthy body image and what you can do to reclaim it.

The intention of the The New Beauty Revolution is to change the way we view our bodies and our health. Together many of us women are discovering that wholeness is an inside job. I was honored to take part in the program and I’m eager to share some of my secrets (completely tied in to my travel tips) with you.

You can click here to sign up now to for the free Telesummit!

It starts March 5th with best-selling author Marianne Williamson.

And I’m so excited to share my talk with you on March 29th.

Here are just some of the things you’ll discover in the program:

  • the real truth on finding your beauty

  • how loving your body is like cultivating any other love-relationship

  • some top Superfoods for youth, vitality, and wholeness

  • how to transform emotional eating

  • how to transcend aging and menopause

  • and more!

Wait until you hear what I have to share with you about sugar and aging! Eeek. Then you’ll understand quite a bit more why I tighten those reigns while on the road.

Sign up now and I’d love to hear your revelations as you listen on the Replenish PDX Facebook Page. Let’s harness our health, beauty and vitality and keep the conversation going, while at home or on the road.


P.S. Ah yes, there is a second set of secrets I have to share with you. Stay tuned as I’ll be sure to reveal that this week.

P.P.S. If you haven’t seen mine and Gilbert’s video outtake, you can check it out here. My boy sure does crack me up!

Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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