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Return to the Moment

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2011-03-30

I thought this week’s newsletter was going to be about something completely different than what you are about to read. In fact I just deleted a whole block of text. The reason for the seemingly abrupt change is that I keep coming back here ~ to the emergence of spring. Can you feel it too? It’s that bittersweet flavor of growth.

I tend to think of spring as a time of creativity, light and love. I fall in love with this city of mine each spring ~ charmed by the lush foliage after the seemingly endless torrent of Portland rain, warmed by the more frequent appearance of sunshine and delighted to shed some of the layers and wear skirts with boots, minus the tights! And then there’s the arrival of some of my favorite spring foods, morel mushrooms, fava beans, raab and sweet snap peas for snacking.
Out of the darkness of winter springs spring.

But the truth is we’re not there yet. And its a big leap or a groggy awakening to arrive at springs renewal. Right now we’re caught in that awkward time of transition. We’ve got one foot in winter and the other stretching toward spring. It’s the time of growing pains.

I’ve been feeling those growing pains in my own life ~ in my communications, in my business, in my relationship to my body’s ever-changing needs regarding food and nutrition. Evolution can be a bit thorny. You can feel the bud of a blossom, the stretch toward maturity. Yet buds are, by nature, tight and tough. You don’t yet know what shape the blossom will take within you or your life.

Today my son came home from school and within minutes burst into tears. He had an interaction in his fencing class that made him feel misunderstood and hurt. Just like spring, just like morning, he is waking up. At ten years old he’s coming into a consciousness that enables him to see and to feel people’s reflections of him. For better or worse, these are the growing pains of emergence.

The conversation that he and I had while he cried in my arms was another reminder to return to this moment, the moment of dawn. It’s what finally convinced me to delete that first block of text, and instead to invite you to join me to sit in the place where the seed is just pushing to show it’s first sprout through the wetly sodden soil. It’s an awkward, piercing and precious moment.
How is the emergence of spring showing up in your life?

What else is on my plate this month?

Sprouted & steamed wild rice with basil/miso/walnut pesto (made by Gilbert) & big white beans.
Almond Butter Crusted Root Vegetable “Fries” from Diet, Dessert & Dogs
We’re still all about the root “fries” over here.
Red Bean Jam Granola Bars from Vegan Culinary Crusade
Holy Adzuki!. (I replaced the agave with raw honey and used Gluten-Free Oats. Eden’s canned Adzuki Beans can be used for a quick & easy verion.

Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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