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15-Minute Matrix

Immune Health

Mapping Prostate Cancer with Dr. Geo Espinosa (Replay) #121

There are 3 primary types of dysfunction that can occur within the prostate. One of them is cancer. Today I welcome Dr. Geo Espinosa to the mic to discuss the many ways we can support the men we work with who are diagnosed with prostate cancer or looking to prevent it, and the key factors […]


Mapping Healing Mindset with Eileen Laird #324

In this episode I welcome back my friend Eileen Laird to discuss her new book, “Healing Mindset.” Using her own experiences and deep research, Eileen explores concepts of psychoneuroimmunology and does a brilliant job of outlining a vast array of  tools we can employ to help clients and patients on their healing journeys. This conversation […]


Mapping Metaflammation with James LaValle #316

James LaValle, an internationally recognized clinical pharmacist, author, board-certified clinical nutritionist, expert and educator in integrative and precision health, joins me today to discuss “metaflammation”. We’ve all heard of inflammation and today James breaks down how chronic inflammation underlies metabolic dysfunction and why it’s now referred to as metaflammation.  Click here to learn more about […]


Mapping Chronic Lyme Disease with Dr. Diane Mueller #304

In this episode of the 15-Minute Matrix podcast, Dr. Diane Mueller discusses the difference between acute and chronic Lyme Disease, highlighting the importance of working with the individual and addressing all contributing factors to the illness. There are a number of clinical pearls in this episode, particularly with regards to working with those complex cases! […]


Mapping Chronic Illness with Meghan O’Rourke #297

Author and researcher Meghan O’Rourke, takes us into the world of chronic illness including a discussion on how long Covid and chronic illness intersect. Meghan uses her own health journey and deep investigation to highlight and illuminate the struggles of those who suffer in her new book “The Invisible Kingdom”. You won’t want to miss […]


Mapping Psoriasis with Kellie Blake #280

Kellie Blake joins me in a discussion about psoriasis, an autoimmune skin condition that can be life altering for many. We discuss the root causes, along with steps towards resolution and where our focus as practitioners should be placed.  Click here to download the completed Matrix from this week’s episode Click here to learn more […]


Mapping PANS/PANDAS with Dr. Jill Crista (Replay) #69

Dr. Jill Crista recognizes that truly comprehensive techniques and tools are not only helpful, but necessary when addressing our cases of PANS/PANDAS and Autoimmune Encephalitis. Her holistic approach keeps children safe, calm, and aids them in moving through this tragic experience with more confidence, health and grace. Tune-in to learn more about this important topic, […]


Mapping Coinfections with Carolina Brooks #260

In the Functional Medicine and Nutrition worlds you’ll likely hear a lot about “coinfections” and how they can have a big impact on health outcomes. But what are coinfections and, more importantly, what steps can we take to help our clients who have them? Join me today as I discuss this very important and complex […]


Mapping Inflammatory Root Causes with Andrea Nakayama and Guest Host Eileen Laird (Replay) #122

Today is a Replay of one in our special series where I sat in the guest seat and asked one of my colleagues to interview me! The guest host for this episode is Eileen Laird, and together we bring you deeper into a conversation around inflammatory root causes. While there are thousands of signs, symptoms […]


Mapping Arthritis with Dr. Susan Blum (Replay) #80

In Canada, September is Arthritis Awareness Month. We believe this topic deserves more awareness. That’s why we’re cracking open the archives for this gem… Arthritis can be complex. And according to this week’s expert, Dr. Susan Blum, there are 3 buckets of arthritis. She shares these classifications and also weaves the web of interconnections throughout […]

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