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BOSS isn't your average sugar detox. Find out why!

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2014-06-10

I’ve got good news for you. . .

It’s not to late to join BOSS!

And I’m eager to tell you why this news is good for you!

I’m guessing you’ve tried a “sugar detox” before.

Perhaps with a group or flying solo.

Maybe you felt good (or bad!) during the detox but whatever you were doing didn’t feel sustainable. Your old friend sugar lured you back. The muffins and mid-morning mochas returned to your routine.

Maybe you’re reluctant to try again for fear of failing.

But here’s the thing. . . BOSS isn’t your average sugar detox.

In fact, it’s NOT a sugar detox at all, or should I say alone. BOSS is about balancing your blood sugar(we do indeed remove sugar but that’s not the end game). And this is one thing that makes BOSS different.

I want you to be empowered by what’s going on inside your body and mind when those sugar cravings strike so you can truly address them.

Unfortunately, the ignition of your super powers, where you truly become the BOSS, doesn’t happen by just eliminating sugar for one week (oh, if only it were that easy!). You become the BOSS by understanding your inner workings. It happens by exploring what’s going on in your brain when you crave sugar, when you develop an awareness in yourself in relation to your blood sugar and your patterns of eating.

It’s this deeper knowledge of yourself that really allows for something that has become habitual to shift.

Whew! I think we all need a little of that kind of perspective.

In fact I’m doing the detox right along with the group and my body and mind are already feeling the benefits of tending to my blood sugar, more energy, clearer thinking, and that incredible feeling of a fresh start. (And, by the way, I haven’t eaten sugar in years, which doesn’t mean the detox isn’t appropriate for me anddoes mean I can show you how to do it too!)

It always delights me to hear why people say YES to BOSS.

Here are a few of my favorite BOSS goals for this year.
“Jump Start, Focus, Group Support and Momentum. Replenish programs always deliver all four!” – BOSS 2014 participant
“I’m most interested in learning about blood sugar. I’m no stranger to cravings and this year I finally addressed those by eliminating sugar. But, I still want to learn the physiological and bio-chemical components that drive sugar cravings because they will arise again. And I’m also interested in learning more about the cortisol and blood sugar connection since I normally wake up 1-2 times per night. I’m ready” -BOSS 2014 participant
“I’ve tried so many things to balance my blood sugar (detoxes, cleanses, education, exercise, nutrition, supplements, and teas). Nothing has worked. I feel like BOSS provides an approach that truly works since you address the how, why, and what”-BOSS 2014 participant

Does any of this ring true for you? If yes, I’ll see you on the inside!

Join me for BOSS.

The doors are open until midnight (pacific time) on Wednesday, June 11th
After that, I won’t offer BOSS again until 2015, and I don’t want you to miss the experience.
Become the BOSS of your blood sugar!



Who’s the Boss Around Here?

You’re Not the BOSS of Me: Controlling Your Blood Sugar so that it Doesn’t Control You

Blood sugar affects your mood, your weight, your mechanisms of hunger and your hormone balance. When it’s out of whack for too long it can lead to chronic disease states like diabetes, hypertension, Candida and persistent internal inflammation.

You can finally get a handle on the conditions that are controlling your life. And we begin tomorrow!

Includes three online classes to discuss the Whys & Hows of your Detox Diet.
get your first class and detox materials immediately upon registration

group detox: June 9- June 22; late registrants welcome until doors close

detox duration: two full weeks!

In BOSS you’ll learn how to. . .

  • tackle chronic weight concerns

  • discover renewed energy

  • decrease your risk of chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and cancer

  • mitigate mood swings

  • look and feel more vibrant throughout the entire day

Learn key information for your health while eating great food and living the best life possible to support not only your own wellness and equilibrium, but also that of your entire family.
click here to learn more and BE THE BOSS! ~ it’s time

Your comments and feedback are always welcome.
Is there an ingredient you’d like to learn more about?
Is there a nutrition class you always wish existed?

Let me know!
Andrea Nakayama

Functional Nutrition

503 866.8079

Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

Functional Nutrition Alliance provides the comprehensive online Functional Nutrition training in the Science & Art of the Functional Nutrition practice. Learn to address the roots of your clients’ suffering with client education, diet & lifestyle modifications.


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