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Whoa! Steady girl. . .

BY: Andrea Nakayama

DATE: 2012-10-06

Have you ever felt like you’re eating beautifully, exercising regularly, taking care of yourself in all the ways you know how and yet still the number on the scale is tipping higher and higher each time you step on its platform?


Maybe you’ve tried several cleanses and detoxes and if you’re not starving yourself, you watch or listen to every single person around you broadcasting their weight loss successes and while, yes, you feel more clean and clear and maybe even a little less bloated, not a pound has been shed from your body.


Perhaps you hold strict rules for yourself. You’re committed to your health and to aging gracefully and indeed, you are! And yet, if you go to a party and even look at a piece of cake, it seems your waist thickens.

These are some telltale signs.

Signs of what?

Signs that it’s not just your weight that’s tipping the scale, but something deep inside your body as well. It’s your hormones.

Whenever I’m leading a group through a program and someone has hit this plateau ~ no matter what their age or weight ~ I know (at least if they’re working within the parameters that I’ve constructed), that their hormones have shifted out of balance, tipped the scale, and are creating an internal environment that makes weight management an uphill battle. The worst.

And hormone havoc doesn’t just affect your metabolism. . . .

Think about your skin, your hair, your mood, your energy, your sleep and more.


Remember puberty? (Either your own or your kids?) There’s a lot going on in there resulting in all sorts of unusual changes and behaviors and it literally all comes down to a cacophony of shifting hormones.


But I’m not here to leave you hanging on hormonal harmony hopelessness.

Time and again I’m committed to offering you understanding and solutions.

So please join me next Tuesday, October 9th, for a free class called:

Tipping the Scale: The Role Your Hormones Play in Influencing Your Health, Happiness and Weight Loss Goals

You can register by clicking right here.

In this 90 minute free class we’ll explore the symphony of hormones and which ones you may be overlooking in your journey to renewed health, no matter your age, your weight or you gender.

I love this stuff and I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned through my research, my professional experience as well as my personal challenges learning to keep my own symphony of hormones in tune.

I’ll see you on Tuesday, October 9th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET for the free class!

[you can click here to register]



P.S. Don’t forget to fill in your details on the registration page to make sure you’ve secured your seat in the class. And of course this is one of those classes you can attend from the comfort of your very own home!

Andrea Nakayama

By: Andrea Nakayama, FxNA Founder & Functional Medicine Nutritionist

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