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Mapping Epigenetic Methylation with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald #66

DATE: 2019-02-28

Dr. Kara Fitzgerald speaks my language in this week’s podcast! She reports that our methylation “toolkit” should incorporate diet, food-based nutrients, sleep, stress reduction, detoxification, exercise and more. Tune-in to better understand how methylation is both mediated by epigenetic factors and how it acts as a mediator itself. Confused? I promise you won’t be after listening.

> Click here to download the completed Matrix from this week’s episode

> Get your hands on Dr. Fitzgerald’s ‘Methylation, Diet & Lifestyle’ book here

> To access her Methylation Adaptogen Handout, head to her website

> Information regarding the Epigenetic Clock, from Steve Horvath at UCLA can be found here

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> And if you don’t have my 3 Tiers to Epigenetic and Nutrition Mastery, download that now!