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Mapping Systems Thinking with Dr. David Haase #77

DATE: 2019-05-09

Dr. David Haase takes two concepts that I’m passionate about — systems biology and a systems-based approach to health care — to the next level in this week’s episode. You’re going to want to listen over and over again! Functional thinking is reliant on systems and you’ll understand why after you tune in to the podcast. Warning: You may never want to implement an X for Y approach ever again!

> Click here to download the completed Matrix from this week’s episode

> To learn more about Dr. Haase and his clinical approach, click here

> If you appreciate Dr. Haase’s perspective as much as I do, get your hands on his book ‘Curiosity Heals the Human: How to Solve "Unsolvable" Medical Challenges with Better Questions and Advanced Technologies’


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