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The award-winning podcast that brings you bite-sized insights and lessons on how to use the most important tool in Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition. Hosted by Functional Medicine Nutritionist, Andrea Nakayama.

Mapping Ketamine with Dr. Sara Gottfried #363


Mapping Ketamine with Dr. Sara Gottfried #363

In this episode I welcome board-certified physician, researcher, and educator, Dr. Sara Gottfried back to the podcast to help us take a deep dive into ketamine and ketamine therapy. Ketamine has shown potential in helping patients with chronic ailments, and Dr. Sara helps us to understand its significant promise for those with therapy resistant depression. […]



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Mapping Obesity with Karli Burridge #203

Karli Burridge defines obesity as “a chronic, relapsing, multi-factorial, progressive medical condition”. Today on the podcast she takes us on a journey around the matrix illustrating how important it is to assess the antecedents, triggers, and mediators for each patient when working with people struggling with obesity. Karli touches on every area of the matrix. […]


Mapping Estrogen Regulation with Dr. Sara Gottfried #197

Today on the 15-Minute Matrix I’m talking with my colleague Dr. Sara Gottfried about Estrogen Metabolism. We can get hyper focused on estrogen levels, but today, Dr. Gottfried shows us how important it is to look deeper at the full utilization of estrogens (the inside picture). Don’t miss this episode, and be sure to get […]


Mapping Safety with Nkem Ndefo #180

On today’s podcast I have the pleasure of speaking to Nkem Ndefo about the complex realm of “safety”–particularly in relation to race and the racial injustices that many face and have for generations. “Safety is an internal job,” says Nkem. We cannot create safety for anyone if we ourselves don’t feel internally safe. This episode […]


Mapping Nutrition with Andrea Nakayama (Replay) #57

Today on the 15-Minute Matrix special Nutrition Therapy series, we’re re-releasing a foundational episode where I come to mic to map Nutrition. Why? Because I still believe we are getting nutrition all wrong. Tune-in to learn more and ensure that you’re not making diet and lifestyle recommendations without this paradigm-shifting perspective. Click here to download […]



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Mapping Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome with Dr. Shala Salem #362

On this episode of the 15-Minute Matrix podcast we’ll focus on polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. Dr. Shala Salem’s approach to addressing PCOS in her clinic and with fertility patients is both refreshing and “outside the box.” She combines physiological understanding, bioindividuality, and compassion with practical next steps in working with her patients suffering with […]


Mapping Multiple Sclerosis with Dr. Terry Wahls #361

In this episode I welcome Dr. Terry Whals back to the podcast to discuss what she’s best known for, her work and understanding (both personal and professional) of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Dr. Wahls takes us through the matrix, mapping the intricacies of MS and how we can best bring true Functional thinking to the support […]


Mapping Light & Vision with Dr. Jacob Liberman #360

This episode is deep and resonant, centering around the topic of light. Join me and my guest, Dr. Jacob Liberman, for a fascinating conversation on the power of light and its function in guiding every single step we take and every single cell in our body.  Click here to learn more about Dr. Liberman and […]


Mapping Polygenic Risk Scoring with Joe Cohen #359

Joe Cohen, founder and CEO of SelfDecode joins me to discuss genomics, but more specifically our polygenic risk score. Joe, flips the script from focusing on one gene (or SNP), and instead shines a lens on how we consider a multitude of genes, along with presenting signs and symptoms, to determine what’s true for the […]


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Functional Nutritionist Andrea Nakayama leads patients and practitioners around the world in a revolution to reclaim health. Her passion for food as personalized medicine was born from the loss of her husband to a brain tumor in 2002. She now trains thousands of practitioners in her methodologies in her school Functional Nutrition Lab.