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Mapping Ovulation with Dr. Lara Briden #75

DATE: 2019-04-26

Dr. Lara Briden is the “period revolutionary”. She brings a powerful evolutionary biology perspective to her practice and to our understanding of periods, cycles and, in today’s episode, ovulation. I’m pleased to showcase Lara’s wisdom this week in particular, while we turn our attention to fertility to support National Infertility Awareness week and our collective awareness of the reproductive issues that impact the women we serve.

> Click here to download the completed Matrix from this week’s episode

> Click here to get your hands on Dr. Briden’s ‘Period Repair Manual’

> Dr. Briden’s article, regarding periods and low-carb diets, referenced in this episode, can be found here > Here are the books that I mentioned during this episode:
> If you’d like to learn more about addressing the complications of PCOS in practice, tune-in to Episode #24: Mapping PCOS Mindset with Amy Medling


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