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Mapping Screen Time with Dr. Nicole Beurkens #78

DATE: 2019-05-17

As Dr. Nicole shares in this week’s episode, the number of devices and the kinds of digital media we’re exposed to have exploded over the past decade. Both parents and professionals have questions and concerns about the impact these devices have on children, their sleep, their moods and more. Tune-in for some sound advice on shutting off the screens and recommending our clients do too.

> Click here to download the completed Matrix from this week’s episode

> Click here to read more from Dr. Nicole on the subject of kid’s health and screen time

> You can find Dr. Nicole’s book ‘Life Will Get Better: Simple Solutions for Parents of Children with Attention, Anxiety, Mood and Behavior Challenges’ here

There is an increasing amount of published research on electronic media and sleep disturbance alone. Please see Dr. Nicole’s article linked above and check her reference list to start.

> f.lux makes the color of your computer's display adapt to the time of day; check it out!


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