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Mapping Nutrient Deficiencies with Chris Kresser #332

Chris Kresser joins me today to discuss nutrient deficiencies — what the most common ones are, why we need to concern ourselves with these deficiencies, and what clinicians need to pay attention to when working clinically with clients or patients with unresolved health challenges. This is a rich discussion that you won’t want to miss! […]


Mapping Resistant Starch with Dr. Chris Damman #319

Gastroenterologist, Dr. Chris Damman, joins me in this episode to discuss why fiber and more specifically, resistant starch, should be a foundational part of every diet. Tune in to learn how resistant starch helps transform gut, immune and metabolic health by engaging the microbiome! Click here to learn more about Dr. Damman’s website and products […]


Mapping Soluble Fiber with Megan Barnett #315

Megan Barnett, Functional Medicine Nutritionist and founder of Florasophy™ organic soluble fiber blends, joins me today to discuss the importance of the role soluble fiber plays in our health and health outcomes — from digestive health to blood sugar balance to hormone health and everything in between! Megan sheds critical light on why (and how) […]


Mapping Anti-Nutrients with Desiree Nielsen #314

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Registered Dietitian Desiree Nielsen to discuss “anti-nutrients”. Do foods like lectins and oxalates really need to be avoided? Desiree’s expertise with plant-based eating allows her to shed light on why plants are good for us, and why our focus needs to shift to the body’s function and away from […]


Mapping Elimination Diets with Ali Segersten #313

In this episode we take a deep dive into elimination diet Do’s and Don’ts with Functional Nutritionist Ali Segersten. Ali walks us through the concepts outlined in her book “The Elimination Diet”.  She also shares tips and debunks myths on how to be successful with elimination diets in your practice (and in your life!) I’ve […]


Mapping Food Insecurity and Binge Eating with Dr. Rachel Goode #307

Today’s discussion with Dr. Rachel Goode centers around her important work at the Living FREE Lab and their research around food scarcity and binge eating. We discuss the root causes that contribute to food insecurity and the steps that can be taken to help those that may be facing the challenges experienced by feast and […]


Mapping Dairy with Dr. Sheila Kilbane #306

Today’s episode features Dr. Sheila Kilbane who uses the best of conventional and integrative medicine to identify and treat the root causes of children’s illnesses. In her research she’s learned just how much dairy affects children’s overall health. We discuss the signs and symptoms that clinicians can look out for, as well as the WHYs […]


Mapping Mistletoe with Dr. Nasha Winters #294

In this episode we travel into the world of plant medicine, specifically the healing powers of mistletoe. Cancer survivor and expert, Dr. Nasha Winters, discusses the many benefits of using mistletoe in an integrative cancer protocol, while also sharing fascinating historical understanding and global usage of this potent agent. Click here to download the completed […]


Mapping Healthy Deviance with Pilar Gerasimo #290

I love today’s conversation with Pilar Gerasimo, author of the book “The Healthy Deviant”, and I’m so excited to share it with you! Pilar is on a quest to heal and create healthy people throughout the world, and in today’s discussion we delve into her manifestos to reclaim health autonomy.  Click here to download the […]


Mapping Mitochondria with Dr. Terry Wahls #281

In today’s episode we welcome Dr. Terry Wahls back to the mic so that we can discuss all things mitochondria. While testing and supplementation may be the popular go-to in supporting mitochondrial function, Dr. Wahls makes it very clear that proper nutrition (and nutrients) are not enough. In order to optimize mitochondrial function, tune-in to […]

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